Bio Seawell Brandau
Episcopal School of Nashville is an independent co-educational Pre-K through middle school, serving students of diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Valuing the education of the whole child, the school encourages students to engage their minds, bodies, and spirits as they grow in confidence and communion with others.
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Seawell Brandau


Seawell Brandau is a lifelong Episcopalian who has served the Diocese on Bishop and Council, Standing Committee, and Dandridge Trust and has been Chairman of the Dandridge Trust twice. He also chaired Communications, Evangelism, Stewardship, and Planned Giving committees. A founding member of St. George’s, he was elected to the vestry three times and elected as Warden once. He served as Sunday School Superintendent and a developer of the Gifts and Talents workshops, a leader in Planned Giving, Communications, and adult confirmation. Currently, he is active in Senior Ministry, Prime Time, and Quality Aging. In the community, he was Chair of Fifty Forward and one of the founders and President of its endowment. He retired as President and owner of Brandau Printing Co. He is a widower, having been married to Marcy for 56 years. They have two adult children and three grandsons.