Orientation 2018 – A Huge Success
Episcopal School of Nashville is an independent co-educational Pre-K through middle school, serving students of diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Valuing the education of the whole child, the school encourages students to engage their minds, bodies, and spirits as they grow in confidence and communion with others.
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Orientation 2018 – A Huge Success

We welcomed our students back to campus Wednesday for Orientation and “Meet the Teacher.” Spirits were high and energy present as everyone acclimated to our new building, new peers, new teachers, and (even) a new playground.

Pre-K is bustling with imaginary play already.


Kindergartens get to know one another a little more while they start with some simple work.


Parents Visit


Mr. Stuart greets students in the hall.


Parents already have work to do, too.


Second and Third Graders get a welcome from Mr. Stuart to introduce Ms. Stein, who is filling in for Mrs. Czechura until October.


Fourth Graders already seem to be in the flow.