Our Campus
Episcopal School of Nashville is an independent co-educational Pre-K through elementary school, serving students of diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Valuing the education of the whole child, the school encourages students to engage their minds, bodies and spirits as they grow in confidence and communion with others.
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Our Campus

Episcopal School of Nashville

resides on the historic site of the Ross School Building at 1310 Ordway Place in the heart of East Nashville.

In searching for the right location to open our school, we wanted a place that was in the heart of the East Nashville community but that was also easily accessible to Nashville residents citywide.

August 1, 2020, Episcopal School of Nashville signed a lease to the historic Ross Building at 1310 Ordway Place. As we enter our fifth school year, ESN is excited for this transition.

The former Ross School on Ordway Place is East Nashville’s oldest surviving school building, maintaining classic architecture from the beginning of the twentieth century. This building began serving families in the Lockeland Springs neighborhood in 1908, and we hope to continue to serve families from this neighborhood and beyond.

Nashville Classical Charter School moved from Ross school last summer, leaving the facility unoccupied. Anticipating our need for more room and the requirement by MDHA that we move from Woodland Street, Episcopal School of Nashville began seeking acceptable property, with an eye toward our commitment to remain in East Nashville. When Head of School, Harrison Stuart saw this building, it was clear this was the Purple Martins’ new home.

“This is a monumental day for Episcopal School of Nashville. This building is an answer to many prayers and enables us to become the school we have dreamed of for a long time.” – Harrison Stuart, Head of School

The biggest reason for our move in the summer of 2020 is our success and growth. Episcopal School of Nashville has continued to mature each year and this building empowers us to continue this success.

“This giant leap for ESN represents 7 years of herculean efforts from staff, faculty, supporters, and trustees, as well as the leadership and belief of Metro Council members. I am so proud of our little school for making this big move to our new home at East Nashville’s historic Ross School building.” – Ketch Secor, Board Co-Chair, Episcopal School of Nashville