Parnassus on Wheels is Coming to ESN
Episcopal School of Nashville is an independent co-educational Pre-K through middle school, serving students of diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Valuing the education of the whole child, the school encourages students to engage their minds, bodies, and spirits as they grow in confidence and communion with others.
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Parnassus on Wheels is Coming to ESN

Parnassus On Wheels – known fondly as Peggy for short — is Parnassus Books’ mobile bookstore, and our goal is to share the joy of a fantastic book around Nashville and the surrounding areas. We pack our shelves with books for a range of interests and for all ages. Booksellers are on board to help make personalized recommendations or just chat about the last great book you read. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Parents, please look for Parnassus on Wheels at our End of the Year Picnic, Thursday, May 24! They will have various summer reading options for you to explore.